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Twitter's maximum character count

  • The maximum length of a tweet is 280 characters.
  • The character limit for a Twitter bio is 160 characters.
  • The maximum length of a Twitter direct message is 10,000 characters.
  • The maximum length of a Twitter handle is 15 characters.
  • The maximum length of a Twitter profile name is 50 characters.
  • There is no limit to how many hashtags you can use.

FAQ about tweet formatting :

What is the maximum number of characters in a tweet?

A tweet is limited to 280 characters. Check if your text fits under the 280 character restriction by pasting it into the box above.

On Twitter, do spaces count as characters?

Yes, Twitter allows you to use spaces and enter keys (also known as a carriage return).

Does Twitter's character restriction for tweets include URLs?

Yes, the character count on Twitter includes URLs.

Does Twitter's tweet character limit include hashtags ?

Yes, Twitter does apply hashtags in the character count limit.

Is the character restriction for tweets on Twitter inclusive of usernames?

Yes, it does, but not for twitter replies.

Do photos on Twitter count as characters?

Images, videos, GIFs, surveys, and Quote Tweets are not included in the character count.

What is Twitter's character limit?

Twitter's character limit is 280 characters.

On Twitter, do emojis count as characters?

On Twitter, each emoji counts as two characters.

How to use our Twitter Character Counter

Simply write your text in the textbox above to use our Twitter counter. The length of the tweet is listed above as "Characters typed" and "Characters remaining." The maximum length of a tweet is 280 characters. Twitter does not count words; instead, it counts characters. You can acquire the word count from the counter on our homepage if you require a Twitter word counter. However, Twitter uses the character count rather than the Twitter word count.

You can see an additional four metrics once you put your text in the textbox. The Twitter bio character limit, Twitter direct message character limit, Twitter profile name character limit, and Twitter username character limit are all examples. Once a limit has been reached, all of these limits will become red.

Three buttons are located beneath the textbox. The "clear text" button will remove all text from the textbox, the "copy text" button will copy all text inside the textbox, and the "Post Tweet" button will send out a tweet. If you are already signed in to your Twitter account, the "Post Tweet" button will post whatever is in the textbox to Twitter.

Metrics Explained

The first metric is the character limit for Twitter direct messages (DMs). The DM limit is 10,000 characters, which is quite a lot when you consider that Instagram's DMs employ 10 times as many characters. That works out to between 1538 to 2000 words. To send a DM to someone, simply go to their profile and click the envelope button.

The Twitter bio length restriction is the next metric to consider. We are limited to 160 characters for this. About 25 to 32 words are equal to 160 characters. This is where you can provide some information about yourself.

The username is the next metric after that. The maximum length of a username is 15 characters. This is also the URL that Twitter uses. For instance, once you've decided on a username, go to>

The profile name is the final measure on our Twitter counter, and it is limited to 50 characters. This is usually your first and last name, but it can also be a nickname or any other name that helps to identify you. The profile name differs from the username in that the username cannot be altered, however the profile name can be changed at any time.

Thanks for using our Twitter character counter tool!

A tweet's current character restriction is 280 characters. On November 7th, 2017, the length of a tweet was increased from the previous maximum of 140 characters. Originally, Twitter adopted a tweet limit of 140 characters since it was equivalent to the SMS limit of 160 characters (after accounting for people's Twitter identities). Unfortunately, the limited character limit resulted in a lot of cramming and attempting to squeeze the tweet into the character limit. To make things easier for us, Twitter increased the tweet length restriction to 280 characters. If you're wondering how many characters are in a tweet, it's 280.

Surprisingly, the character restriction for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean tweets remains unchanged at 140 characters. This is due to the fact that these languages enable you to say more in fewer characters. The sentence "Good morning," for example, is 12 characters long, including the gap in the middle. "Good morning" is merely three characters in Chinese. As you can see, expanding the tweet character limit to 280 characters in languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean is unnecessary because they can already convey a lot in less characters. As a result, tweets in these languages will continue to be limited to 140 characters. Visit Twitter for more information Twitter characters.

Each character in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean will now be counted as two characters. A tweet with 100 Chinese characters and 80 English characters, for example, would have exceeded the tweet length restriction since the 100 Chinese characters would be counted as 200 characters, plus the 80 English characters. Emojis, in addition to counting as two characters each, also count as two characters. On Twitter, for example, a smiley emoji counts as two characters.

In any case, we hope you enjoy using our Twitter character counter. Writing a tweet with our tool is extremely useful because it keeps track of how many characters have been typed, how many characters remain, how many characters are in a tweet, the tweet character limit, as well as all other metrics like the Twitter bio limit, Twitter username limit, Twitter hashtag limit, Twitter direct message limit, Twitter profile name limit, and Twitter hashtag limit. Interestingly enough, Twitter has a character counting function incorporated into their website, but it only appears after 260 characters have been input. It will count down the last 20 characters once it reaches 260. There is a ring that grows larger with each character written if you wrote less than 260 characters. As you can see, our Twitter character count tool is far more useful for people writing tweets, and it will assist you in determining any Twitter character restriction that you require.


Character and word limits are common issues on the web. More frequently than not, the as it were data any person should know around their composing is the number of word or character count in their content. With the assistance of character counter apparatuses, you'll be able get the required information at a lightning quick speed. Granted, Twitter is the foremost known social media platform which incorporates a long-standing issue with character restrain, but this specific issue doesn’t fair exist on Twitter. Presently you've got that 280 characters constrain for Twitter up from 140 characters, the 250 character restrain for Snapchat, 300 for Reddit and 2,200 for Instagram. That’s why, Twitter character counter devices truly come in helpful for they work like a calculator in which they will show word and character number in a content.

How to Use Them?

Letter Tally and Character Counter are a few of the incredible and 100% working character counter online web instruments that are accessible for complimentary. These free online calculator will check the number of letters or characters in your twee, content, Reddit titles, etc. It unquestionably will prove to be valuable for your tweeting needs along side a large number of other applications. Keep in mind that, number of real characters do matter in spite of the truth what you'll say may not be as important as how you say it. Both devices work in a lovely straightforward manner too in which you simply have to be glue the required content and they will consequently appear you the comes about you're seeking out for. These web instruments can be valuable in numerous occasions, but it'll particularly demonstrate its comfort when you’re composing for something that encompasses a certain character least or restrain.

These instruments Twitter character counter devices can moreover be supportive for those composing in dialects such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek and numerous other non-English dialects. You'll be able trick around with distinctive text style or spacing but knowing the number you’re attempting to fit on the page is continuously vital.