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What is Twitter Character Counter ?

Twitter Character Counter is a free counter tool online .You can count the number of characters in a text given to check the limit with twitter limitation or upload files like (.docx), (.pdf), or even extracted text by AI from an image,Using our Twitter Character Counter give you the ability to know the number of characters in your tweet for Twitter publisher with word count limit.

How to count characters with Twitter character count tool ?

You have many choices ,you can type directly on the box above your tweet text that you want to verify or you can upload a file like docx file , pdf , txt , doc or even an image to transform it to text to be used in your tweet . You can change your tweet text by making it uppercase or lowercase by using dedicated buttons ,you can even post it to twitter by clicking on the button with the blue marker on the top right.You can use this tool on almost modern browsers without problem is compatible with a variety of versions .

If you have any questions or you want to give me a feedback about our Twitter Character Counter, just feel free to contact me.

Most of the character Limits on Twitter :

  • Tweets max(updated): 280 characters
  • Bio limit on Twitter: 160 characters
  • DM on Twitter length: Up to 10,000 characters
  • Handle Twitter: 15
  • Profile name : Up to 50 characters
  • Tweets max: 280
  • Hashtag has not limits on twitter ,you can add many

Twitter character limit :

How many characters can i have in a tweet on Twitter ?

Twitter has updated this number so many time to be fixed on 280 characters per tweet. Paste your text above in the box to check if it fits the 280 character limit or not.

Spaces and characters limits on Twitter ?

Yes ,Spaces are count as characters by Twitter just test it by making many spaces in the new tweet prompt.

Are URLS count as characters Limit on Twitter ?

Yes ,Urls are count as characters by Twitter just test it by pasting in the new tweet prompt.

Are Hashtags included by the characters Limit on Twitter ?

Yes ,Hashtags are count as characters by Twitter but the number of hashtags is not limited by tweet !

Are usernames have the characters Limit on Twitter ?

Yes ,Usernames are limited to max 15 characters

Are images counted in characters limit on Twitter ?

There is no limit ,Images are not counted as characters on twitter.

Are Emojis limited on Twitter ?

There is a limit on emojis each emoji is counted = two characters on Twitter.

How to use our Twitter Counter

Is so simple to use it :

  • By typing your tweet in the textarea the counters are updated in real time and comparing the numbers to the limit
  • You have the possibility to upload your own file without open it and copy pasting text
  • Feel free to try our AI OCR engine that extract text from your image that you upload in real time

Characters Length for Twitter tweets

The tweet character limit is fixed by twitter to up to 280 characters but there are exceptions
NB: Emojis in twitter are counted as two characters Twitter character limit officiel doc

Feedback ?

Is this tool helpful ?

Thank you for using our Twitter character count tool ,How can we improve it?